Win 3 Weeks of EduTabara in Canada!

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Win 3 Weeks of EduTabara in Canada!

Spend 3 weeks in Canada at Brentwood College School, experimenting with an elite college, seeing how courses take place in an international Canadian system, learning and having fun with young people around the world, visiting special places and discovering new knowledge, cultures and good practices in personal, academic and professional development.

If you want to deepen or develop your knowledge, or to experience the Canadian study system, you have a lot of fascinating materials through which teachers will take you through an innovative learning approach - through the practice: French academy, arts, biology, economics and entrepreneurship, chemistry, IT - programming, robotics, applications, English, systems and societies, essay writing, history and politics, mathematics, physics, presentations and interviews, knowledge theory.

The camp program runs at Brentwood College School campus in Canada, located in a beautiful oceanfront area on Vancouver Island.

What do you have to do to win EduTabara from Canada

You choose a topic from above and you write in an essay / do a presentation in English (word, ppt, online, other format that you like) about why you would like to study / deepen it at Brentwood College School in Canada.

You send us the project by 18 February at, along with your contact details or your parents (for those under 18), age, telephone, email, school / high school, town and county.

The essay / project must be in English and should not be longer than one page, up to 400 words.

About you: You must be between 12 and 18 years of age, have a good level of English and enjoy developing, traveling and experiencing new things.

Jury and prize: The best and most persuasive essay / project, written correctly and argued, will be chosen by a committee made up of an Academic Summer representative (organizer) and IntegralEdu representatives. The winner will be announced on February 25, Sunday, at 14:00, at the World Education Fair in Bucharest, with live-stream on the Facebook IntegralEdu page.

The prize consists of three free weeks at Brentwood College School in Canada, held from 21 July to 11 August.
The value of the prize is about 6000 CAD and can not be changed in cash or other benefits.

EduTabara includes: Campus accommodation, full board, 30 hours of study per week, tester for determining the level of knowledge, study materials, graduation certificate, 3 half day excursions, 2 day trips, entertainment program , 24/24 emergency phone, transfer from / to Victoria or Vancouver airport.

NOTE: The ticket does not cover the ticket, which may cost about 1400 €.

Ready, do you know what you want to do in the summer? Take the time to write or write a nice and convincing project and do not forget to send it to by our colleague Mirela Nica until February 18th.

For any other questions and information, we are glad to provide you with all the IntegralEdu offices in Bucharest, Constanta, Galati, Iasi, Craiova and Timisoara.

Jan 31, 2019 admin 37474 views