Tips for parents of children who are preparing to go to EduCamps

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Tips for parents of children who are preparing to go to EduCamps

It is obvious that the moments of preparation for the departure of a child in an EduCamp abroad are scattered with many emotions, questions and parental worries. Because parents remain parents to the end, regardless of age and maturity of their child, we want to make sure that everything is impeccable, and positive experiences will be numerous where our child will stay for at least two weeks.

Certainly, an EduCamp contributes a lot to the child's development at all levels. He will come back more independent, more confident, with wide-open horizons and with a lot of ease in using the studied foreign language, with many new friends and plenty of stories to be told. But there's a lot to be done until then.

In order that everything runs smoothly, IntegralEdu consultants will stand by you before and throughout the EduCamp, as they have been until now. The Advices for parents guide has been imagined and designed by IntegralEdu consultants, being based on the experience gained in over 25 years of international experience. Between its pages, all the necessary information about the experience of an EduCamp abroad is found. If you have not already received it, you will receive it as soon as possible, so that you have time for your child's preparations for the chosen EduCamp.

All in all, let's clear our most pressing questions, as parents.


My child will be safe where she/he will go?


Every parent puts the child's safety first. The travel rules for minors exiting Romania are very clearly regulated, they are accompanied throughout the journey, from check-in to the meeting point with the person responsible for transferring from the airport to the campus / host family (including during flight connections, if applicable). The entire trip is scheduled in advance, and the assigned IntegralEdu consultant has all the necessary information and can describe in detail how this will take place.


On campuses and schools there are staff responsible for the well-being of children during their activities and excursions, and makes sure everything goes well. Of course, children also have to follow a code of conduct during their stay, and any violation of it will be sanctioned, all that in order to keep the beautiful and balanced atmosphere on campus.


What should I add to my child's luggage?


The tendency is for parents to imagine all the possible scenarios of weather, circumstances, and to do the luggage accordingly. However, in order to be easily transported and managed by the child, it is good to follow the organizer's instructions in the guide made by him, which you will receive from the IntegralEdu consultant, along with the travel kit and the Advices for parents guide.

An essential item to add to your luggage is a list of everything that's included in luggage. By consulting it, your child will be able to ensure that he/she has not forgotten anything before leaving the campus / host family when the EduCamp is over.

Luggage content will vary depending on the type and programme of the chosen EduCamp, the destination and, of course, the needs and the child's personality. You will find all the necessary information in the mentioned guides, and for further information, you can count on your assigned IntegralEdu consultant.

If the EduCamp takes place in a country where there are other standards for the power grid, then it will be necessary to use an adapter for the socket, otherwise the electrical appliances and our chargers will not be possible to be used. In Romania, combined adapters, which have different heads, are marketed. Of course adapters can be also found in the destination country, but it's much safer to add it to your child's luggage at home.

Besides those mentioned by IntegralEdu and the organizer, do not forget to load your child with a lot of positive energy.


What amount of money should the child have on him?


The EduCamps fees from the IntegralEdu portfolio usually cover service packages. If the paid tax covers courses, accommodation, sports and leisure activities, excursions, meals, airport transfer, then your child will need to have only pocket money on him/her. The amount recommended by the organizers varies depending on the country of destination, the age of the child and the complexity of the type of EduCamp, which is small. The assigned IntegralEdu consultant can give you accurate information. Some extra / optional supplementary trips are also organized in some EduCamps. In case your child would like to participate in one of these, it is good to add the necessary amount to the child's budget.


How will the trip take place?


Preparing the trip

Prior to departure, group travel kit meetings are organized at IntegralEdu offices, during which IntegralEdu consultants will clarify all aspects of the journey and of EduCamps' programme. In addition to the answers you will receive on all your questions, all children will receive the green IntegralEdu t-shirt (which they will wear during the trips to be easily spotted in the airport), the travel kit with the necessary documents, with labels for luggage and more.


Airport assistance provided by IntegralEdu

In order that everything runs smoothly at the airport, free assistance is offered to families who have purchased airplane tickets through the Integral Sunny Holidays travel agency or against an extra charge for those families who have contacted another travel agency.


Travel instructions

IntegralEdu consultants will have a customized travel instruction document for each EduCamp participant. In addition to the flight information, contact details of the school / language center, the address and the way the trip will take place, you will find the IntegralEdu 24/24 hours telephone number, which will be available during the EduCamp duration. Of course, parents will also receive a document with the necessary information.


Flight attendant

Romanian citizens under the age of 18 will be accompanied at the departure from Romania by a member of the crew of the airline throughout the journey, from check-in (being picked-up from parents or their representatives, on signature basis) to the meeting point with the representative of the language center that will pick them up in exchange for a signature. The service is offered with an extra charge by most airlines.


What happens if there are changes in the flight timetable (deferrals or cancellations) in case of  luggage loss? What happens during a direct flight or a connected flight, but during an individual trip, how will the transfer from / to the airport take place? Answers to these questions, and many more, you will find in the Advices for parents guide.


How will I be able to communicate with my child during the EduCamp period?


Make sure to add your child's mobile phone charger (and plug-in adapter, if applicable) into her/his luggage and roaming is activated on the SIM card. Also, if you discuss so, the child can purchase a SIM card from the destination country. Because the EduCamp programme is quite loaded, it is best to schedule with your child a convenient time to talk. Usually, this will happen during the evenings. EduCamps organizers generally impose strict rules on the use of mobile phones during courses and activities, the access being restricted. This way, children can fully dive into the activities they are involved in.


What happens if the child misses us, the parents?

All children miss their parents and show their longing in the first days of EduCamp. Everything before they integrate, make friends, and get involved in their activities. Over the 25 years of IntegralEdu's existence at international level, consultants have noticed that the frequency of children's phone calls to parents drops significantly during EduCamps, and this is always a good sign. As the English proverb says, No news is good news.


What to do if the EduCamp turns out to be a great experience for my child?


EduCamps causes addiction, addmitedly. Make sure you have the needed budget to offer your child a new EduCamp next summer. Whether he/she will want the same destination or not, the experiences will always be different and will make a full contribution to the academic path of the child and the beautiful growth of the future adult.


Certainly, the list of questions continues in each parent's mind. For answers, you can rely on the IntegralEdu consultant assigned to you. And the Advices for parents guide is packed with practical and punctual information on luggage, money and value, travel experience, EduCamp's schedule, on campus and host family, internal rules, family communication, medical information and many more.


Jun 21, 2019 Simona Gal 454 views