Tips for EduTabere participants

Jul 12, 2019 Simona Gal 362 views
Tips for EduTabere participants

So often time becomes unbearable, especially when it gets stubborn to keep its pace and does not run faster until the moment of boarding on your flight approaches. Emotions, plans, lists, luggages, expectations among dreams and emotions again - that's how it happens before you go to EduCamps, be it your first experience or not. It does not matter how many times it is when you go to an EduCamp, because every experience is unique. We know that.

The IntegralEdu consultant will stay with you before and throughout the EduCamp, so that everything runs smoothly. And because your help is needed for that, it is very important to keep in mind all the indications mentioned by the organizer in the documents received at the travel kit meetings that we organize at the IntegralEdu offices, and the information provided by the IntegralEdu consultant. But here are some suggestions summarized here:

Luggage preparation - a sign that the departure is drawing near

This experience will be an exercise of independence for you from the beginning to the end. So, it is very important, even if you are younger, to take part in making your luggage together with your parents. Otherwise, you will find yourself in front of the unknown when, at your destination, you will open your luggage and you will be searching and searching for a long time, hoping to find a certain object.

In terms of clothes, personal care products, documents and other useful things, consult the information mentioned in EduCamp organizer's documents, taking into account the type of program chosen (perhaps you will need a special sports equipment or a laptop so you can work on academic projects etc.). Most of the organizers indicate a list of things that you need to bring with you. Your parents also received from us, or they will soon be receiving, the Advices for parents guide where there is very clear information about the contents of the luggage. For example, you do not need to bring with you a range of clothes for each day spent there, but take into account the frequency with which the on-campus / the host family laundry services are offered. Usually they are offered once a week.

Start with a check list with add all the things you will need during the EduCamp. We know it's tempting to put in your bag anything you might need in all sorts of imagined situations, but we suggest you go with the necessary stuff and do not add value objects or gadgets. You will have extra worries and your parents also. Do not forget to take your mobile phone (with roaming service enabled), its charger and the power adapter (if applicable).

The long awaited journey

Pack yourself with plenty of openness for new experiences and keep your curiosity alive. You will grow in two weeks, like others in a year. If the duration of your EduCamp is longer than that, it's even better. But before you leave the house to start the new adventure, make sure you have not forgotten anything important at home by consulting the check list.

The information you got during the travel kit meeting at IntegralEdu office and the documents you have received have surely helped you to form a clear picture of what will happen in the airport, or during the flight and where you will meet the person who will pick you up and drive you to the campus / host family.

Information about how the trip will take place (with the unaccompanied minor service - if you are under 18 and you are a Romanian citizen, this service is mandatory when leaving Romania), what to do if you lose your luggage or if changes to your flight schedule occur, you will find out from the IntegralEdu consultants and the documents you will have in your travel kit. The phone numbers of the school / language center and the IntegralEdu number available 24 hours a day are also mentioned in the documents in the kit.

Another important thing, do not forget to call your parents after landing and / or after you get to the campus or the host family, this way you will waste a lot of worries, definitely.


The first day of EduCamp

Ready, the adventure you waited all year is starting. On the first day, you will be installed in the room on the campus or the host family and you will have a familiarization tour with the school or even the city. You will be reminded of the rules of the campus / language center and you will receive a Welcome pack guide, with useful information about your stay and the weekly timetable.

Also, the organizers need to be able to form the study groups, depending on the level of foreign language chosen by the learners, therefore you will all sit a language test and in the afternoon you will be presented  the lists with the groups corresponding to the knowledge level each has. Some language centers will require participants to take an online test before starting EduCamp.

And, of course, friendships with other children / young people coming from all over the world will slowly begin to form naturally.


Courses, excursions, sports and / or creative activities

When you hear the word "course", you most likely think of the idea of ​​school. This time, this is not the case. Teachers are very friendly and manage to build a pleasant atmosphere and the dynamics and interactivity of the lessons will make the time go very fast. You will learn without too much effort. And if you have questions or feel the need to express your ideas, do not hesitate to share them. Surely they will make a full contribution to build the lessons and you will help the teacher.

As for leisure activities and excursions, they will definitely represent the favourite part of the programme for you. If you are under 16, they are considered mandatory. Have you ever thought that the most enjoyable activities could bear the title of compulsory?

The program of courses, excursions and free time activities vary from one language center to another and from one type of EduCamp to another. Timetable samples are available at IntegralEdu offices, and EduCamps organizers will provide you with the weekly schedule. It is very important to note that there may be changes in the program depending on the weather conditions and / or the number of interested students.


Exercise the foreign language

If you do not feel like fish in the water when you speak the foreign language that you want to improve during the EduCamp, you may have hesitations to use it for fear of looking ridiculous in front of others. Avoiding contexts that put you in the position of speaking in another language means to miss new experiences and new friendships. By simply defeating this little discomfort and banishing the sense of ridiculousness, you can greatly improve your foreign language. Plus, as you practice it for the duration of EduCamp, you will wake up at the end of this period that you have made some incredible progress.

Just to know, here are the advantages of multilingualism in the article Multilingualism in the harmonious development of young people.


Language Center Rules

For everything to go smoothly, anywhere, no matter where, there are some sets of rules that are important to respect, whether written or unwritten. Thus, the internal regulations of the school / language center will be handed to you along with your travel kit and / or on the first day of EduCamp. It includes information about evening curfew, use of school base, use of mobile phones, absence from lessons, campus or host family behaviour and much more. Of course, alcohol, narcotic substances and smoking are strictly forbidden. Depending on the severity of the rule violation, participants will receive warnings or even be sent home without the right to get a refund of the fees.


Your longing for home

It is natural for you to miss home, your parents and your closest friends. We assure you, however, that only the first few days will be more full of this feeling. Integrating in the new place, new and interesting friends coming from all over the world, exciting activities, courses, excursions, all these will make time pass in a dizzying speed and you will wake up on the last day of EduCamp when you come back home. Most children want to extend their stay in the EduCamp and many do, especially if there is a free accommodation place in the next session and, of course, if the parents agree.

Do not forget, experiment, dream, learn and enjoy! We can hardly wait to find out your stories after you come back home.

You surely have a lot of questions about what is going to happen in the chosen EduCamp. For answers, you will have the support of your IntegralEdu consultant and the documents that are found in your travel kit.

Jul 12, 2019 Simona Gal 362 views