SWISS WEEK - The week of camps and studies in Switzerland

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SWISS WEEK - The week of camps and studies in Switzerland

Switzerland, the world's No. 1 country in innovation, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) 2017, for the seventh consecutive year, also in the top of the best countries in which to live and feel happy (in 2015 being on first place in the world, the same country ranked third in the salary, after Luxembourg and the USA, with approximately 25% internationally established in Switzerland and four national languages - French, German, Italian and Rhaeto-Romantsch - but with speakers of English at all times, remains one of the most popular study destinations internationally.

Every year, dozens of families in Romania choose Switzerland as the most suitable study destination for secondary, high school, university or for programs of training or improvement in different fields and foreign languages.


The 2018 edition of Swiss Week, already a Swiss tradition in Romania, will be held from 22 to 28 January in Bucharest and in all the IntegralEdu offices in the country!


All those interested in educational camps abroad, high school or university programs in the prestigious Swiss education and training system will be able to find out about the offers of schools and universities in Switzerland that offer such programs.

Moreover, Swiss Week also enjoys an exclusive offer - all participating Swiss institutions offer a 20% discount on educational camps programs for young Romanians, which is not usually the case with Swiss educational offers of this type.

Swiss educational institutions participating in SWISS WEEK:

Altitude - educational center for foreign language camps or adventure in Switzerland

Camps organized at Altitude (3-5, 6-14, 15 + years) can be focused on studying foreign languages, adventure or Marmots Day camp for the youngest. The program of activities includes young talents, ice skating, volleyball, bowling, treasure hunt, swimming, karting, mountain hiking, nature orientation, wandering, spending a night in a mountain cabin, team games, etc. Excursions take place at the Lausanne Olympic Museum, chocolate factory, salt mines, etc.

Alpadia - the top foreign language center, with more than 20 years of international experience

The camps organized by Alpadia - Ascona (13-17 years old), Laysin (8-17 years), Engelberg (10-17 years) and Montreux (13-17 years old) combine study of several foreign languages ​​with sports, recreation and travel . General courses are usually 20 hours a week, and the intensive 25 hours, sports are the most varied, depending on the location chosen for the camp, and excursions include destinations such as Bellinzona Castles, Tamaro Mountains, Splashspa Water Park (for Ascona), chocolate factory, cheese factory, amusement park, Chillon Castle (in Leysin), Lucerne (Chapel Bridge, Water Tower, Lion Monument), Zürich (Lake Zurich, Zoo), Bern , Parliament House, Bear Park, Rose Garden, Lido) and Interlaken, Swiss Transportation Museum, Adventure Park (in Engelberg) and Aquapark, Lausanne, Bex Salt Mines, Cailler Chocolate Factory (Montreux).

Brillantmont - one of the oldest and most famous Swiss schools

Brillantmont International School is a member of the Swiss Association of Private Schools and accredited by the "New England Association of Schools and Colleges" and by the "European Council of International Schools" in the school to teach students from over 40 countries. The School has an impeccable reputation in the field of foreign language learning and the preparation for enrollment at the university. The official language of the school is French, so the training process focuses on the learning of at least two foreign languages.
The college base located in the center of Lausanne includes 5 buildings surrounded by a beautiful park.

The Camp Camp at Brillantmont, Lausanne (10-17 years old) includes foreign language studies and activities such as tennis, basketball, frisbee, trampoline, zumba, volleyball, hockey in the gym, windsurfing, banana rides. In the evening, competitions, team games, film watching, ride on the lake shore are organized. Every Friday there is a barbecue and then a disco.

College du Leman - Premium International School

In the summer, College du Leman organizes educational camps for young people between 8 and 18 years of age. Students can choose from the following disciplines: English, French, Political Science, CSI Laboratory, Robotics, Future Leaders, Programming, Technologies, Picasso, Olympics, Champions League, Rock Band, NBAction, Theater, Dance. One of the subjects is studied in the morning, and another (may be the same) in the afternoon. Additional modules: circus, tennis, golf, water sports, riding, climbing, music.

SWISS EDUCATION GROUP - one of the most renowned universities in the world, specializing in hospitality, culinary arts and international business

SEG is the world leader in hotel education. The remarkable success of the SEG has set new standards in the hospitality industry. Keeping the tradition of hotel management in Switzerland, all study programs offered by SEG combine academic learning with practical experience and are designed to meet the needs of employers in the field. All member schools are subject to academic quality assurance criteria that ensure that students receive the renowned level of Swiss education.

The camps organized by the SEG are held at the Hotel Institute Montreux (16 - 20 years) and at the Leysin Belvedere Hotel (12-18 years) campuses of the universities in the group. Courses include study of foreign languages ​​(English, French or German), introduction to hotel industry, culinary art, excursions, visits to the famous chocolate factory and many other educational and relaxing activities.

TASIS - the oldest American private school


Founded in 1956, the school is proud of its students' excellent performance, friendly environment, diversity and unity. It teaches pupils from over 42 nationalities, with the highest percentage coming from European and US countries. Graduates continue their studies at elite universities around the world. The school is located in the Italian part of Switzerland, in the southern Ticino region.

The camps organized at TASIS, Le Chateau des Enfants (4,5 - 6, 7 - 10 years) and Lugano (11-13, 14-18) can initiate children in culinary art, being assisted by famous international chefs. They will learn what the top Italian cuisine means, from buying raw materials from the market to preparing and serving various dishes. TASIS will also be able to access fashion, film or architecture courses.

Those wishing to take advantage of the Swiss weekly offers are expected at the IntegralEdu headquarters on 22-28 January 2018, every day from 09.00 to 17.00, from Monday to Friday, can contact the educational consultants specializing in Education and High Schools abroad: Cristina Iancu (, Teodora Raducanu ( and Simona Gal (, or you can fill in the form below:


Prin completarea acestui formular sunteti de acord ca datele dumneavoastra sa fie procesate de catre Integral Sunny Holidays si partenerii acestuia in scopul de informare cu privire la educatia in strainatate.

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