Study abroad with our help

Study abroad with our help

Every season, children who want to attend courses abroad and their parents enter our office full of questions and misunderstandings about what a summer camp abroad is about. The joy of the children who think about the fun of summer vacation is not enough to calm the emotions of parents who send their children abroad for the first time alone and want to know details about the program, on the way there or on other children and teachers. Some people fear that their son or daughter is somehow too small for such an experience.


Beyond recommending educational programs that help children develop both academically and personally, the mission of IntegralEdu consultants is to provide a more enjoyable experience in summer camp for students, but also for parents who remain at home. So we want to make sure from the beginning that we work with professional organizers, which take into account and take care to eliminate problems during camp. Children are constantly supervised and encouraged to express their ideas, and concerns by the staff. The program is strict and learners can usually obtain it in advance so that parents know at any moment what their child is doing, what times they can call home and what adventure awaits him.
This is why I encouraged parents to come to a meeting at our headquarters. Together, we can patiently clarify these points and the summer holiday will be relaxing time for parents as well.


We invite you to contact us to plan together your next educational program abroad!


9 reasons to choose IntegralEdu

Every parent supports their child while learning to do first steps alone. He's there when he stumbles or chooses the wrong path. He invests time and care and dreams of offering him the best development.

For over 24 years, IntegralEdu has been helping parents to invest properly in their children's education and to choose the right path to meeting their objectives.

Through experience and professional consultants we offer individual solutions for each. This is the unique advantage of our consulting services for your parents.

By choosing us, you get:

  • Professionalism
  • We deal only with educational programs and language courses, so you can count on our professionalism.
  • Quality guarantee
  • Our consultants have personally visited educational organizations we work with and we guarantee you will receive the best.
  • A wide range of educational programs
  • We offer a wide range of linguistic and academic programs for all ages.
  • Individual approach
  • We will help you target the generous offer and, within individual consultation, you can select the program that meets your needs and requirements
  • Phone available 24/7
  • In the days of arrival and departure, and outside working hours, we are at your disposal through a telephone available 24/7 to offer support and advice.

Full service
From first to last day of the course, our consultants are available on any issue related to your stay

Organizing the trip
In order to serve our customers better, we own 5-year travel agency - Sunny Holidays, which offers tickets online: Our colleagues know better the travel conditions for minors abroad and we have provided a phone line available 24/7. That saves time and effort when you organize your trip (starting with documents for visa, flight information and discounts when purchasing a ticket).

When you enroll through IntegralEdu, you do not pay any additional fee for consulting services, but rather, profit from other discounts. IntegralEdu is one of the largest agencies in Romania that offers study abroad programs and often sign contracts at lower prices than the official school fees.

There are no hidden fees
In our catalog you will find the final prices, which include taxes and transfer from / to airport and accommodation. Thus you will know in advance how much you have to pay.

Our consultants work with pleasure
For over 24 years we offer educational counseling with a smile. Many of our consultants are working at IntegralEdu for over 8 years.
Trust us!