Special offers for camps abroad

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Special offers for camps abroad

Swiss Week - Summer camps in Switzerland - 20% discount during Swiss Week (20 – 27 January)

For summer 2020, you can benefit from the following discounts:  

Training camps for university enrollment 

  1. Oxbridge Preparation, St Edmund Hall
  2. Camp at Clare College, Cambridge
  3. Camp at Oxford and Cambridge Advanced Studies Program
  4. Tabara the University of Sussex, Brighton
  5. Tabara the Earlscliffe College
  6. Oxford College Summer School
  7. Camp in Bulgaria preparing for university
  8. University Training Camp (USA)

Academic / vocational camps

  1. He went to Chelsea Independent College
  2. Tabara the St. Edmund's College
  3. Tabara the one at Overbroeck's College
  4. Tabara the Bromsgrove School
  5. Cambridge Academic Summer Camp
  6. Tabara's King's College London
  7. Academic Summer at DLD College
  8. Camp at Tonbridge School
  9. Tabara in Lancing
  10. Tabara the Dicker School

Camp Young Leaders

  1. Camp at Dulwich College
  2. Tabara the Wellington College
  3. Tabara at Headington School
  4. Tabara at Wadham College, Oxford University
  5. The ACS Cobham camp
  6. Tabara the Taunton School

STEM / Coding camps

  1. Tabara the Plumpton College
  2. Camp at Canford School
  3. Camp the TASIS - The American School in England
  4. Tabara at Headington School
  5. Camp at Millfield School
  6. Tabara the Taunton School
  7. Camp - Academic summer at Sidcot School



Nov 1, 2019 admin 37957 views
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