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Jobs and Career Opportunities



What does it mean to be an EDU Ambassador?

You will support the promotion of quality educational services to the highest standards!
This title implies responsibility and commitment and proof you're a person we can count on. It's your chance to win an extraordinary experience that will help to take a step forward in your career.
Your activities will entail informing parents, children and youth in Romania on programs specifically designed for them, giving them a better education.

What is the activity about?
Your main role will be to actively involved in organizing information campaigns within education institutions and beyond, events, competitions and presentations organized by the IntegralEdu team, with experienced educational consultants. What does this mean:

  • you will be involved in implementing informative campaigns in Bucharest;
  • you will conduct informative presentations in educational institutions;
  • you will directly contact students and conduct activities to motivate them to actively participate in the actions of IntegralEdu;
  • you will centralize all data and related documents and you will be in daily contact with the Project Manager;
  • you participate in IntegralEdu events and activities.

What will you gain from this experience?

  • You will develop communication skills and presentations in public;
  • You will know in more detail the international education market;
  • You will gain practical experience in the effective implementation of an information campaign and work with a very dynamic public;
  • You will receive specialized training and you will have access to various events organized by the company;
  • The program involves a paid internship for 3 months in an internationally renowed company
  • You will benefit from an intense experience during a minimum of 3 months - with the possibility of extension;
  • You can equate academic practice period - if necessary, with experience - you will receive certificate in this regard;
  • Training and certification recommendation - Following the results.

Who can apply?

  • Enthusiastic young people who aspire for a career in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčcommunication, PR, public speaking, marketing or brand management;
  • Young people with leadership aspirations, who want to build an image and to affirm their skills by having this program and the chance to experience and form to be noticed;
  • Young people who want to distinguish among pupils and students, helping them to be as well informed and have access to unpublished study programs;
  • Key features that we are looking for: motivation, positive thinking, solutions and results orientated; meeting deadlines and taking responsibility, public communication skills (previous experience is an advantage but is not a mandatory requirement);
  • Ideally final year undergraduate or postgraduate students

Availability: Ability to work 6 hours / day - with flexible in terms of schedule.

Send us your CV and a motivation letter with the subject "I want to be an EduAmbassador" at up on September 10, 2016 or recommend it to your friends!

Nov 2, 2017 admin 17810 views