The benefits of a group camp

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The benefits of a group camp

Every year, hundreds of children worldwide attend a language camp abroad to enjoy new experiences in a multicultural context and to enrich their linguistic ability. As for friendships with young people from all over the world, they will invariably bind. Children can travel individually or in an organized group.


Dates: July 7th - July 20th, 2019

The language center is located in one of the most beautiful regions of Germany, Lahn Valley, 120 km northeast of Frankfurt. The area has numerous castles, impressive churches, cathedrals and ruins from Roman and Celtic times, thus offering many historical and cultural attractions. The atmosphere around the school and its facilities (spacious classrooms, comfortable bedrooms) offer students the best conditions for studying.

About the course

Before the course begins, a proficiency test is given, in order to assign students in their corresponding group. The language course takes place every morning from Monday to Friday.

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Dates: July 20th - August 3rd, 2019

Courses are designed to combine effective English language courses with a schedule rich with activities, taking place in a pleasant and fun environment. In addition to courses, students will have various cultural, sporting and recreational activities. World of Work seminars aim to prepare students with skills necessary later in life and their career, such as writing a CV, preparing for interviews, holding a presentation and creating an online page. They include interactive seminars and workshops.

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Dates: July 21st– August 4th, 2019

The course takes place at California State University in Northridge. The campus’ placement provides easy access to Los Angeles objectives, therefore Disneyland, Universal Studios, Grammy Museum and the beach are nearby.

About the Course

The weekly 20-hour English course is designed for children and teenagers, providing a perfect balance between school activities, sports, fun and excursions.

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Trips group camps take place as follows:


The group of children is accompanied throughout the camp by a Romanian group leader who ensures the good development of things. The group leader lives in the same campus with the group and enjoys along with it the activities and the organized trips included in the camp program.

The presence of the group leader throughout the journey and the camp will give children a sense of security and will ensure the peace of their parents. At the airport, the group leader will take care that all children recover their luggage and take care of meeting the school staff to come and meet them at the campus where the camp takes place.

The campsite program is very varied, designed to create the right frames for unique experiences, in which children will learn new things and discover unusual passions and abilities until then. Sports, creative and recreational activities will be complemented by trips, while they will have an adult company. By travelling with a group, students can choose optional excursions, additional to those already included in the camp program, with group leader entitled to leave the campus with the group of children.

A group camp is the most economical option for camps abroad, with special tariffs.

The study groups are formed according to the age and level of knowledge of the students. And for the study language to be heavily used at the conversational level, the study groups will always be composed of children of different nationalities.

Summer camps are attended by children from all over the world, and the trip to a group of Romanian children does not limit socialization and friendships with participants outside the group. Hours of training and afternoon activities are attended by all children in the camp, so participants can practice the foreign language studied while having fun during the two weeks of the camp.


For students: Do you want to travel with a group of friends or colleagues from Romania? Contact us by e-mail at, call us at 021/311 05 72 or visit the nearest IntegralEdu office by appointing a meeting in advance.


For Teachers: Teachers wishing to join a group camp together with their students can contact Alexandra Piha (Educational Consultant) at at 021/311 05 72 or they can contact the nearest office IntegralEdu.












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