5 of the most beloved destinations for EduCamps

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5 of the most beloved destinations for EduCamps

Learning, experimentation, independence, friendship, growth, creativity, novelty, joy, embrace of a big, very big world - these are the words that most often come to our ears, after the children and young people return home from the chosen EduCamp. And the options are so varied in order to offer the chance to combine the desired keywords for each and everyone. But where do the children and youngsters from Romania choose to go? This is a question we often get. Here are 5 of the most beloved destinations chosen by them.


United Kingdom

Those who want to learn or to improve their English language choose to do so in its home country, of course. Not for nothing, most of the EduCamps in the IntegralEdu portfolio are taking place in the UK. Plus, this country has such a long tradition in offering international educational programs, that the diversity of themes is the largest in its territory. Whether the option is an academic, mixed, recreational, thematic / vocational or day camp, there are countless options, which makes the final decision sometimes difficult. As for localization, parents along with children or youngsters choose to go to London, close to London, far from London or very far from London. In any case, many EduCamps have tours of important London tourist attractions (Westminster, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, British Museum, etc.) in their timetables, but not only these, because the UK is full of important cultural objectives which are an essential part of the international cultural heritage. Some examples might be: Stratford-upon-Avon (Shakespeare's birthplace), Warwick Castle, Cardiff Castle, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, and many more.
The choice of the city and the place of destination depends on the objective that young people or children should fulfil through the chosen EduCamp and the type of experience they want: learning English language, getting acquainted with the British high school or university education system, combining English with your favourite sport or with the favourite art type, testing a particular field of study etc.


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The German language is as complex, as appreciated by some of the children and youngsters. Or at least by parents who want to stimulate their children appetite through an EduCamp in Germany.

Epicenter of Classical Music, Literature and Philosophy, Gothic Architecture, Germany is a perfect destination not only for those who want to study German but also English, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Arabic or Chinese.

In addition to learning a foreign language, other reasons why parents and children choose Germany as a destination for an EduCamp are: to continuation of their school, high school or university education in this country, to obtain language certificates following intensive courses, or to combine the linguistic study with sports, creative and recreational activities, and excursions as well. For us,  Romanians, Germany is an excellent option for parents who want to accompany their children to their destination by car. Over the years, I have often heard this reason.

The Bavarian land and the surroundings of Lake Constance, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt or Heidelberg, these are among the top of the Romanians' preferences.


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Multiculturalism all the way, schools climbed at over 1000 m altitude in full Alpine scenery, delicacies among chocolate and cheese - all concentrated in a small Switzerland.

For adventure sports, multilingualism, mountain air (or city air), Switzerland is the destination of choice. Of course, all these elements are or may be combined with creative, sporting and academic activities, as is the case in other countries, but everything happens in a ... Swiss setting. Parents who take the safety of children to the forefront tend to view Switzerland as an ideal destination, having its neutrality as a historical reference.

The country with four official languages, Switzerland can satisfy the various cultural and linguistic affinities of parents and children, and EduCamps can be found in all its linguistic areas.

In Switzerland, the small ones also find their place because there are schools that accommodate children from the age of 3 years upwards. And the older children who want to continue their studies in one of the Swiss exclusive schools or want to pursue a career in hospitality, it would be good to start with an EduCamp for familiarization and testing.


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Among Francophones and Francophiles, France still remains the preferred destination. And even if we live in a globalized world where English is a must, French still remains one of the most preferred languages for many families in Romania.

Along with Paris, Côte d'Azur is the most desirable destination on the territory of France, as Cannes, Nice, Antibes. And the city-state of Monaco is as good as it gets.

In addition to learning or improving a language with a special musicality and in addition to the excellent activities included in the program, the Romanian children and youngsters who choose an EduCamp in France are looking forward to excursions to world-famous tourist attractions such as the Louvre Museum, the Pompidou Centre, the Cathedral Notre-Dame, Saint-Tropez, the Marineland Dolphinarium, the Picasso Museum, the Loire Valley castles and many more. And the Disneyland amusement park remains, of course, an important landmark.


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USA & Canada

I have put the two destinations together, although the Canadians have tried to differentiate themselves from the Americans since the foundation of the confederation, and indeed they are very different, but they are still neighbors anyway.  And both territories host schools, universities and educational centers worthy of exploration.

The idea of ​​traveling across the ocean is very exciting for Romanian children and youngsters, even if they may oscillate between the American dream and the homeland where multiculturalism is elevated to a national identity rank. It's all about affinity.

Those who choose an EduCamp in the US or Canada either have purely academic intentions, to check universities or renowned schools, and getting familiar with certain areas of study, whether they want to combine the idea of ​​vacation in an exotic location or in a huge metropolis with the study of English, doubled by various activities.

The most popular destinations are: Toronto, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Malibu, Florida, Berkeley and, of course, New York.


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Taking into account your preferences and goals, IntegralEdu consultants will make the right recommendations. Their contact details are here.


Jan 23, 2019 Simona Gal 2376 views